Stuart Real vertical engine - stock code 2433

A rare visitor to these pages, I don't see many Stuart Reals. A pity because they make up into a most elegant engine, capable of running very slowly on modest amounts of steam (think Stuart 500 size boiler). Representing an early type of vertical engine (before the cylinder migrated to the top in "modern" engines - still widely described as "inverted engines" in my older books), Stuart based this around the beam cylinder and crank - it shares much of its dimension and design with the Stuart Beam/Victoria/James Coombes family.

Very nicely made example, silky smooth to turn over and will run down to very slow speed with dead even exhaust beats.

Height 16 inches
Flywheel 7 inch diameter
Bore 1 inch
Stroke 2 inches

2433-a 2433-b 2433-c
2433-d 2433-e 2433-f
2433-g 2433-h