Stuart S-type enclosed vertical engine - stock code 2430

Produced by Stuart Turner for industrial use, this engine came from the stores of a mine where it had been kept as a service spare for similar engines in use running ventilation fans. It has allegedly not been used, although the paint is not original - it certainly feels silky smooth to turn over and appears in excellent mechanical order. The fully enclosed engine is fitted with drain cocks, a crankcase blowdown valve to clear condensate and a governor. The crank and big end run in oil, there is a dipstick on the side of the crankcase. The governor has a low-geared shaft at the rear carrying a peg which I assume was used to drive a mechanical lubricator.

Rated at 1 1/4 hp, given the right boiler this would be ideally suited to pumping or generating duties.

Height 22 inches
Flywheel 10 inches
Weight approx 120 pounds

2430-a 2430-b 2430-c
2430-d 2430-e 2430-f